The Purpose and Vision of Josiah Venture Ukraine

Why Ukraine? No it's not the largest tourist destination in Europe, by any means, but it captured my heart and is in need of our Savior. Ukraine is home to the fastest growing church in Europe. The younger generations are especially open to the Gospel. Often the local church faces a challenge of clashing cultures as young and old struggle over forms in the local church. Josiah Venture has a strategic opportunity to help by modeling healthy discipleship of young people through the local church in a culture that is responding to God’s call. It's so exciting! People are coming to Christ, but there is no growth. That is where we come in...Discipleship. I was a two-year staff member--"Model Maker"--with Josiah Venture in Ukraine. It is a newer ministry within JV, of which was exciting to be a part! I lived in Lviv, Ukraine with my JV teammates (Jay & Cameron Hughes and Ben & Kristy Williams).  Most of the year I worked with a couple local churches in Lviv to help build their youth group through discipleship and leadership training. I also taught a couple conversational English clubs, co-lead Bible studies, taught a cooking club, met 1on1 with girls whom I connected with, and traveled ALOT to conferences and other events. Another major role of mine was helping with summer English camps. I co-lead an intern team, who set-up and lead the English camps with local churches in several cities throughout Ukraine. The team is there to be a bridge between the local church, new believers, and nonbelievers in the community. The vision is "to see a movement of God that finds its home in the local church and transforms society."

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